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The full potential of data to boost your business.

We are a CRM and Loyalty consultancy that believes in the transformative power of data and is ready to accelerate your business. Data generates insights, supports decisions, engages customers and generates new business. A cycle that we master like no one else.

Insights + Experience:
Meet CRM

We believe that data generate insights capable of strengthening the relationship between brands and customers, increasing their engagement with relevant and unique experiences.

We help brands build dreams
and create deep relationships.

From brand building to strengthening customer relationships, data provides a universe of possibilities. Our role is to guide and enable companies to increasingly create unique connections with people. We call it customer experience transformation. Or just CRM.

Our services

CRM and Loyalty Strategy

Support in the development and implementation of CRM and Loyalty strategies focused on results.



Martech Stack

Map current gaps by identifying solutions for technology to work for you.




Strategic services and capacity for continuous operation of CRM and Loyalty.

Accelerate transformation and reduce barriers 

CRM is multidisciplinary, therefore, Becabiz practices the Agile Methodology, combining the best of Scrum and Kanban to integrate business and technical teams in cycle deliveries, each one with clear objectives and practical and valuable results.

Combined with the Agile methodology, we incorporate artificial intelligence and automation solutions that enhance customer engagement.

Understand a little more about this methodology and accelerate your business results with us.




Beatriz Ayrosa

Co-founder | Business and Communication

As the person responsible for Business and Strategy, Beatriz has been collaborating with marketing professionals and brands for almost 20 years to adopt advances that make a direct relationship with the customer possible. She leads CRM and Loyalty projects launching multichannel marketing programs, converging data with communication and creating experiences that really reach individuals. 

Since the beginning of relationship marketing, Beatriz was a partner at Datamidia, a pioneering CRM agency, national and international reference, until it was acquired by a global group.   As a recognized professional in the CRM & Loyalty space, Beatriz brings her data fundamentals, her energy for the future and her deep experience in improving the marketing of some of the best brands in the world.

Beatriz acted as a strategic partner for large companies, such as: Whirlpool, FIAT, Grupo Pão de Açúcar, Livelo, Lojas Renner, Smiles and Pinterest.


Gerson Lupatini

Co-founder | Technology and Operations

Gerson Lupatini works in relationship marketing services and loyalty programs and co-founded BECABIZ in 2019. He is responsible for the design, architecture, integrations, customizations and implementations of CRM solutions and Loyalty programs. 

Working closely with the business and technology teams, Gerson focuses on identifying and validating tools and services with the best practices in the market and, adhering to the policies defined by clients inside and outside Brazil. Gerson has extensive experience creating, implementing and executing data-driven marketing and loyalty programs for global brands and local leaders in Brazil. 

He is passionate about innovation, data and creating measurable business impact and has been an important partner for brands in their digital and agile transformation journey.


Investing in CRM means building relationships between people and companies


Who knows and recognizes the value of our work


Episódio 1 - Estratégia Client Centric

Episódio 1 - Estratégia Client Centric
Episódio 1 - Estratégia Client Centric
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Episódio 1 - Estratégia Client Centric

Episódio 2 - Gestão de Dados
Play Video

Episódio 2 - Gestão de Dados

Episódio 3 - Gestão de Campanhas
Play Video

Episódio 3 - Gestão de Campanhas

Watch our web series and stay on top of CRM best practices.

CRM Drivers


CRM Insights

Fidelização de cliente

A fidelidade vem do resultado das experiências que o cliente tem com a marca. Mas, um programa estruturado e aderente à estratégia, faz toda diferença.


Mídia de performance ou CRM

A importância do bom uso de dados nas estratégias de ofertas aos consumidores.


Data Driven Marketing ou

Contamos como foi desenvolvida a estratégia de data driven da plataforma de comunicação do programa Clube do Parque.

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